Rhino Facade To Revit

I work on a project that facade modeling team working on Rhino then my team model the facade again in Revit ,
the design as usual changes alot , so when i searched i found so many workflows , and many issues realted to geometry and workflows
(We need to be able to select every thing and assign data and different material to it , also the geometry shape must look proper without this triangle or mesh shapes )
so if anybody can help or suggest a workflow i can try

Hi @Ahmed_Salah1 ,
the question is hard to answer comprehensively… But I would very strongly recommand Mantis Shrimp by @Konrad_K_Sobon for dynamo/rhino interop and directshape nodes from Spring Nodes package by @Dimitar_Venkov .
If the team that works on rhino makes a clean model with one layer per type of element, you ca use manthis shrip to get these elements from each layer and then import them as clean geometries with assined category and materials using spring nodes.


Maybe you’ve seen this:


Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi , Thanks for your cooperation , i will try it , i hope it will work properly

Yeah i have seen it . The article inspire me actually, but i think it`s a different case what i have here .
but any way thanks man @viktor_kuzev

If the facade is modelled is modelled in Rhino and you just want to show this geometry in Revit in flexible way you could also take a look at Flux.

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Hi @Ahmed_Salah1

I completely understand you and that process should be seamless but currently is not 100% perfect.
I am alos trying to be able to reuse GH/Rhino models for thermal simulations and my idea is also to generate native Revit elements and then simulate.

I would recommend you some of the tools like: Geomtery Gym, still early development Grevit,

there is also Chameleon but I could not get it working and
aslo Hummingbird but I did not tried this one.

Please share your experience once you successfully complete your first project :slight_smile:
good luck

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@Michal_Dengusiak Actually you gave me many good stuff to start with , if i successfully complete the project for sure i will share the workflow . Thanks Man for your cooperation :smiley: