Rhino to Revit, strange bug with Rhino Layers?

I have strange thing happening.
when I use the script I have from before and change geometry in rhino, everything comes in Revit nicely…
THOUGH when I chose even the copy of the same rhino file, if does not read Rhino layers!
not changing anything in rhino file, just copying it.

This is interesting. So let me get this straight. You have a Rhino file saved somewhere. You can read it just fine. Then you copy the file someplace else under a new name. You can’t read it anymore. Is that what happens?

Yes exactly. I thought first that it might be something regarding the upgrade of script. When I recreated the script manually it works sort of, though when I try to select an another rhino file in the new dynamo script it messes with layers again. hmmm… I need several files to be imported in Revit, so it would be quite silly to create script for each one of them :smile:
Very helpful if you know reason why this happens :slight_smile:

I am going to try and test this out. If I can re-create there is a good chance that I can fix it. Let me get back to you.

It looks like I can open multiple copies of the same file without any issues:

Hmmmm… the issue appeared first time when I opened the same script I had from before and wanted to select another file path. it seemed that it did the same for my college when he tried the same… strange