Revit's Individual Element Rotation

Good Day,

I am trying to pick only selected model elements to rotate in z-axis. However, i encounter some issues. Geometry.Rotate duplicate the element and rotate with the angle assigned. Also, the duplicated element cant be selected/remove and will stay as blue.


Untick Preview:


After switching off preview, the selected model didn’t rotate. Please advice with the code above. Did you try to run it and check?

Did you untick only that node, right?

Yes. It seems that the process just show me the preview of the command i launch. The original elements stay as same as before. SelectedFamilyRotation.dyn (5.0 KB)

You are using the node Geometry.Rotate, that rotates the geometry in Dynamo. Are you trying to rotate the element inside Revit? Then you should be using FamilyInstance.SetRotation

Yes, i am trying to rotate element in z-axis of Revit. The issue with FamilyInstance.SetRotation is it rotates all elements related to the family. However, i will like to only rotate selected model elements. Please advise on how to do so.

Try reading this post, it might help. The video shows how to type the python code:

Thank for the recommendation, the video was beneficial. So, what i hope with the script is simply the rotation to take Y-axis as the start and rotates clockwise to a certain angle and which will turn to complete a circle(360 degrees)