Revit schedules not updating automatically after changing filter

I’m using a Dynamo graph to duplicate schedules, change their filters, and add them to new sheets. Among a number of issues I’ve run into, I’ve found that the schedules are not populating their table with any information until I open and close the Edit Filter dialog within Revit. The filter value change (made in the dynamo graph using a ScheduleView.ClearAllFilters node, then two ScheduleView.AddFilters nodes) is going through successfully, it seems, but the schedule does not show any data in its view or on the sheet until the filter is “refreshed” by opening and closing the dialog.

Is there a way to automate the “refresh” of the schedule filters/tables so that each schedule filter dialog does not need to be opened/closed? There will be hundreds of schedules, so this is crucial to get automated.

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I have noticed a similar issue as yours.

So there should be a “Refresh” input for the Schedule.GetData node, but in my experience it does not actually “refresh” the schedule until after the entire script has completed.

I do not have an answer for you, unfortunately.

My script applies a Schedule filter and then is supposed to export that newly filtered Schedule into Excel, but it just ends up exporting the “unfiltered” schedule into Excel and then it will apply the filter to the schedule.

I have tried using “Thread Pause” nodes as well as “WaitForPassthrough” nodes and nothing seems to work, so I am very interested if anyone has a solution.

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Post the dyn and hopefully someone can help out. This is a specific issue with the larger graph and otherwise it’s a guessing game.

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Good to hear from you Jacob.

I sent you the DYN graph (new profiles can’t upload to the forums apparently, but please feel free to re-host here for others), though–word of warning–it may not make a whole lot of sense without our RTE file. The magic, for this discussion, happens in the Node Group named “ACTION: Set filter to type mark in room location schedules”. The schedules are fed through a ClearAllFilters node, then through two AddFilter nodes.

This all appears to work correctly. The schedules do get cleared and updated with the correct filters each time the graph is ran. The problem is that, in Revit, the schedule itself does not appear to contain any data until I open and close (without making any changes) the Edit Filter Dialog for that schedule.

This is running Dynamo v. 1.3.4; Revit v. 2019.2.1

P.S. I noticed the “Schedule Filter Type” nodes are cleared of their drop-down selection on file open. If you’d like to try running this part of the script, the first Filter Type should be set to “Equal”; the second: “NotEqual”

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See if you can post now - I can’t post others work for obvious reasons. O also have too much on my plate to take a very active role on this at the moment. Have been on vacation for the last 14 days or so, and as you know the work can pile up. :slight_smile:

PM or email me of it fails to upload again. Include the RTE if that is a must.

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Thanks for the fast-track. And no sweat, I know all too well.

Second try: 19090301_1_3_4_Furniture Specs.dyn (193.7 KB)

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