Revit Model Purge Unused


Is it possible with Dynamo to purge a Revit model three/four times.

Thank you.



Hi John,


I wish.

a few years back, I checked with the beloved BuildingCoder, and he told me it was not accessible through the API… so there was no direct way to do it…

it is possible to check through dynamo, if any item is placed, but depending on the category, it can be pretty dangerous to do that… even if something is not placed in the model, it does not always mean that you don’t need it…

I think I also asked Harry Mattison about that too.


I had a go at this, just for component families, over here:

Thank you Luke, look’s good, i will give it a try.

Can anyone help with how to Purge Unused All in Dyamo or using Python script