Check for unused families not purged



I am trying to get create a list of unused families that are still loaded into the revit model that would be deleted by ‘purge unused’. Unfortunately, even after I purge, the list still populates with various families that are not purged, even though they should not show in my list if they are unused. Could I get some advice or suggestions as to any better methods or perhaps a fix to what I currently have?


Have a look here. I compared all families and family types against all families in the model then deleted those that were not placed. I think it is exactly what you may need.


Read this quick article. I think you just need to purge a couple more times. If i am understanding you correctly.


Thanks for this. It will definitely help! It looks like all I would need to do is make it output all of the categories instead of purging them automatically since in this instance, I do now want to do that.


I modified your method a bit so I could have it output the categories of the unpurged families, yours picked up tags as well which is nice. Unfortunately there are a ton of family types still being detected even though the purge unused window now appears blank with 0 families to purge.
Thank you Steven. Your advice was helpful as I was able to remove many more families after purging multiple times.