Revit Model Audit [Health Check] + Reporting & Data Visualisation


Hopefully, not everyone in the forum is at AU17 right now :slight_smile:

The reason I am posting; I need some direction.

I envisage a dream world where I can maintain common standards across our five offices - I am brutally aware, however, this dream may be influenced by factors such as culture, management, support, & training of users. Yet, I believe one starting point could be a defined set of rules that can be applied and checked - thus reported on, and who knows, even potentially resolved.

So, in creating a discussion on differing approaches to the audit of models with Dynamo & the Reporting of this Data/Information - I am asking you for your Thoughts, Ideas, Links, Threads, Hints, Tips & Places to Start - not just for myself but for those uninitiated! I’m sure all will be appreciated by anyone who comes across this thread in future.

I do hope I am not repeating a previous discussion already on the forums - please let me know if I am + don’t be afraid to let me know if this approach is wrong, as I am still quite new to using Dynamo & posting in the forum, but this seems like a generous community from what I’ve seen in the time that I’ve spent lurking in the FAQ and Revit categories.

Where I am right now:

So, I am using BIMLink quite a lot - yet, I would like to get to a stage where I can emulate the results of this Plugin with Dynamo - and ditch the need for BIMlink altogether. Personally, I use the QA/QC tools quite often (image below) and find them enormously helpful.

Here is what I’ve found so far: (A Literature Review of sorts - without the review).

@Jason_Trahan very generously shared the following:

Tracy Palmer - BIM Coordinator at The Ohio State University Approach:

@Ryan_Cameron dynamic approach with Power BI looks fantastic on his Youtube Channel.


@Mike.Greisen posted the following:

@Johannes_Meiners posted a monster script by @Andreas_Dieckmann which looks seriously impressive in this thread.

I’ve not found any more details on this.

Not a Dynamo specific approach - an approach to the process and people behind the model.

Possibly a source of some ideas:

Thanks for taking the time to read through my ramblings - I look forward to hearing from you all. I will post any material I have collected/created in the comments as I move forward + as I continue to research :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Wayne :ireland:


I’m not too familiar with the BIM link tool, but by the looks of it you can do a lot of the tests/reviews/management in the screenshot with Dynamo. The amount of effort required would vary but at least parts of it are certainly doable. In place families. Dimension, text, line styles are some examples I have exoerience with. The scale and scope of this is entirely related to what you want to do with it though. A specific request in anther thread could be addressed more directly, and then be combined with other specific requests to make a ‘model check’ package or workflow.


@Wayne_Patrick_Dalton - You’ll have to find what works for you and expand on it as @JacobSmall mentioned. To add to this list check out this recording on the AU Website AS124969 - Web-Based Project Management by @Konrad_K_Sobon (I don’t think the recordings are available yet)

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You can find it here:


great information. Thanks a lot.