Model Performance Test

Hi all,

I’d like to run a performance test on a Revit project before and after an audit to prove whether there were any benefits. By audit I mean a full manual audit that involves around 30 checks & tests.

I was thinking I could maybe run a ‘heavy’ Dynamo script on the model before after the audit, and note any improvements in the time it took to run the script.

I wrote a script that created a bunch of levels and floorplans, but there haven’t been any tangible performance increases after an audit which has removed a considerable amount of clutter from the project.

Has anyone come across anything like this? Either with Dynamo or using any other method? Or, does anyone have a script I could try that would be affected by model health, and would highlight performance increases?

Thanks in advance

The dynamo script you mentioned wouldn’t be impacted by model size - RAM and CPU are going to be the driving factors there. Something that would take more time would be querying all family instances by type, but that’s going to be impacted by number of places families and therefore model size and complexity more than model health.

For model performance/health there are a lot of things to relook at. Personally I like sync and opening times as one such base metric. These are easiest to view in the worksharing monitor plugin. Depending on what exactly your 30 steps are there can be other ways to test performance increases, but I would need to know of your 30 step efforts to give better input.

Thanks Jacob,

I don’t have the audit with me, but it involves a general purge and checking things against the Autodesk model performance technical note.

Trouble is, there is no good way to test the impact. Sync and open times are already part of the audit, but don’t give a good indication of the general project health.

It would be good to be able to benchmark a project’s performance when problem solving and decision making about things like cloud-based worksharing and model splits.

I’ve found system performance check tools, but not model health check tools. I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been done already.

Hi…been there…done that…etc…
Time and rework whats the gauge?
For me a very good BEP, revit technician and overall BIM practice set out are the things you need to consider and the rest just fall into place. Not even a well made dynamo graph can fix/audit an already messed up model to begin with. On a collaborative environment from start all should be laid out. Just adding my thoughts…

Absolutely agree, I started looking at creating Dynamo Scripts for all the audit categories with a view to having the whole thing operate automatically, but quickly realized it was a non-starter and not really necessary. The audit itself is quite organic, relying to some extent on the experience and knowledge of the auditor instead of black and white pass/fail test.

But I was hoping to use Dynamo to test for performance improvements as the result of the audit.