Revit MEP family parameter errors - can it be solved by Dynamo?

This is sort of a cross post from an AUGI forum question.

In the family editor or we create an HVAC parameter of type “Temperature” and go to the formula cell for the parameter and either type or paste in a value of -1<sup>o</sup>F Revit will calculate the value to be -255.93<sup>o</sup>K or -920.34<sup>o</sup>F.

We if put in a value of 0<sup>o</sup>F in the formula column there is no problem Revit keeps the value at -1 or correctly converts it to 254.82K.


So, any way with Dynamo to get a work around on this? I was hoping Bumblebee might help, but if the formula in Revit converts this with strange Kelvin math I am not sure what could be done.


Of course my Dynamo skills are very weak, so looking for any suggestions/workflows. Thanks!


Here is AUGI forum post if you are interested:

Hi Tom,

I don’t think you can override that behavior(bug) via API / Dynamo.

One way I can think of is sticking with Kelvin in parameters (as it’s the safest),

and if you need to show the value as C/F:

get parameter in Dynamo, convert to C/F in Dynamo with formulas and write to a number parameter in Revit.

Still a pain in the neck…