Revit Link Facing Orientation

Hello Dear Professionals,
could you advise how to get internal AXIS (X,Y) from the selected linked model.
Every revit model has the origin point which can not be changed. This point I can get. But additionally to this point I need to get local axis(vectors) X,Y in relation to the hosting model of cause. Please help

@m.shcheblykin ,

did your explore these packages ?

hi, thanks for you reply.
bimorpgh is a great package but it does all the system coordinates transformation for family instances that are placed inside the selected link. And I need the internal coordinate system (XY Global) of the entire linked revit file (in API it is called “Document”) which is translated to the hosting model already.
I am working with revit links as assets already. I do not need to get elements from them. In another words, I need Revit Link Facing Orientation. Would be great if it is an Y axis

Element GetRotation, GeniusLoci makes this job done

TotalTransform rocks

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