Revit landscape: My first function in Dynamo 0.5

Hi guys,

here's my first dyn file, designed to get csv points from a surface. Inside a function makes XYZs to csv list.

the video shows the workflow I've used to created a simulation of landscape in Revit, with native topo and plants.

csv from surface allows to create real topo in Revit, then random csv from surface make the trees on topo.

Please comment, still have to learn a lot about Dynamo!

Thank you, I understand, I need to add write csv file operator.

I still have a problem, terrain contour how to create out?

I don't understand either. what's your question?

Use the first definition I shared in Dynamo, select the face. provides you a csv file with xyz. use it to create a topo.

I do not understand how to define?

you will have to create a surface in a mass family, then use the surface to csv definition.

How to create csv format files loaded into revit?

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Very nice workflow! Thanks for sharing, this opens up a lof of possibilities to build forms in Revit that are only possible inside of the conceptual environment.