Revit Interference Check window contents list


Is there any way to get the contents available of this Revit window of Interference Check with Dynamo directly? That is Categories from Current project or any linked project Revit file.

Many thanks

We use the html list and than we isolate the clashes (elements)

if you look for that?

that means there is a run test and html of result is saved and then it can be loaded here. I was asking about the categories list available in the project file selected as this screen, but I am also curiuous if is possible to generate this interference check report html with Dynamo. I am not very happiy with the low performance of this interference check of Revit, it crashes my Revit, not responding for ages.

Interference check is only available as a postable command in the API, so it isn’t something that can be used for automation.

You could build your own interference checker using the ‘intersects’ filtered element collector, as well as some fancy selection tools.

However this will likely run slower than the built in tool as it wouldn’t be optimized, and would certainly run slower than other options out there such as the Model Coordination model in ACC/BIM360.


very good to know, I already created a complex script to know that data but I was looking if I can get it quicker to speed up the process.