Interference Check

What am i doing wrong here? Any Help

Fatal%20ErrorInterference Check May 25.dyn (185.4 KB)

Hi @Sujan

Can you please try and isolate the cause of the problem by unconnecting the inputs to the Element.IntersectsElement node. Run it, does the exception occur? If it works then slowly reconnect each node upstream so you can identify which node is causing the problem. If the exception still occurs, then copy your graph and remove all nodes apart from the LinkElement nodes for STR link model and repeat for ARCH model. I think you get the idea. Please perform this exercise and start a new post once you work out where the problem is coming from.

Edit: Also, why are you attempting to clash title blocks, filled regions, plan regions and other annotation elements with 3D building elements?? It should be pretty obvious why you might experience exceptions when the nature of your clash test is flawed. Rectify the obvious before attempting to isolate the problem!

  1. This script runs perfectly fine in this Sample Project
  2. Those annotation elements are not on my script I don’t know where those are coming from :astonished:
  3. Why LinkElement.ofCategory does not accept List of Category


Answer to your questions:

  1. It must be different Category IDs between files then. Opening the files you’ve provided confirms this, as it the categories now display the same as your screenshot. (Revit 2018.3 & Dynamo v2.0.1
  2. As above
  3. It does

I’m not experiencing the issue. Only problem are you Set Parameter nodes - check those parameter names exist:

(@Kulkul - I hope you are well; I think its best if @Sujan thread is split into a new post. Thanks!)

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