Revit ID / GUID


We try to manage our doors and use the Revit ID´s. We now see informations called GUID.

Whitch one IDis the best to identify and mange doors and other Revit elements?



There was a recent post on Jeremy Tammik’s blog outlining the differences between ElementId and GUID and which one is best used in what case. If I was to quickly summarize it, it would go like this: ElementId is a unique identifier of an element in a Revit project. If that project is not shared across multiple users (workshared, central files - you get the picture), then Element Id is good enough for identifying elements in a model. However, if models are workshared across multiple users, there is a chance that when models are synched with central, Element Id will change. In this case the only way to consistently identify elements is to use the GUID.

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