Element GUID and UUIDs Statc

If I have a thousand notes- Trying to translate to bilingual- yes keynotes are the goal-
are the GUID or UUIDs in Revit (Element ID) Static or do they change?

(Does this still apply?

The Element ID can change in a project. Mostly when the project is a “collaboration project”.

It would be best to go for GUID is you are needing to work with elements over a period of time and/or in and out of other software like Excel. The GUID will not change as long as the element is not deleted / recreated.

Thanks @SeanP That was the verification I suspected but needed : )

Ended up where OBJ is an unwrapped element from IN[0]

from https://thebuildingcoder.typepad.com/blog/2014/04/element-id-export-unique-navisworks-and-other-ids.html#2