IFC GUID vs Revit ID

Revits unique and IFC GUID is two different IDs.
After what I understand the IFC guide is shorter to minimize the lenght and thereby size. It is a “forumla/function” for this convertion.

I have two questions:

  1. Is IFC GUID something that can be exctracted directly, or do I need to first get the Revit ID and convert it?
  2. Is there a node for this? Has anyone made something for this?

Rune, i think that you are actually talking about different things!

  1. the Revit GUID:
    every element / parameter / view / … has a Revit internal Guid. it is calculated during runtime for each new element to be unique in order to identify elements / parameters after creation.
    so the meaning of the revit guid is to safely identify elements in ones revit enviroment.
  2. the IFC GUID and the bSdd GUID (buildingSMART data dictionary) follow the aim to securely identify the same information for BIM data exchange.
    Talking about GUIDS and revit parameters:
    in real life the shared parameters in revit are addressed by their Guids.
    when a new parameter is created the API offers the functionality to assign a known GUID to a parameter. best were if one creates a new parameter to first examine bSdd here: http://bsdd.buildingsmart.org/#concept/browse
    The advantage for this mechanism is that one may exchange data and it is identified correctly ( IFC browser wise).
    finally you are right when you say that bSdd guids are shorter than revit GUIDS. this is because bSdd GUIDS are compressed. information on that: http://iug.buildingsmart.org/resources/itm-and-iug-meetings-2014-stockholm/technical-room-meeting/compressed-guid

I’m not sure if we understand each other…

What I want is to, through Dynamo, get a Revit element based on a IFC-guid. I have a Excel list with information from Solibri. It contains different parameters, inkluding the IFC GUID. I then want to import these data into Dynamo and get some of the information in the Excel list into several objects.

Therefor I need to “translate/convert” the IFC-GUID to Revit unique ID, so that I can get the correct elements.