Revit Elements sometimes get deleted




I’m working on a script that takes a string from Excel and sets several parameters on generic model elements in Revit. Most of the time they get edited just fine, but once in a while some elements get deleted.

I have no idea on where to start looking for the orgin of the problem.

My steps:

  1. Set parameter values in Excel and save
  2. Run script, script looks for elements with certain “id’s”.
  3. Script edits values to Revit elements (family types, materials…)
  4. Script matches parameters with elements
  5. Scripts sets all parameters and changes some family types

I do this a a couple of times sometimes. Setting the same settings on the elements after changing parameter values in excel. All elements are generica models.

Screencast to get an idea of what I’m doing (no problems):

Does anybody have a clue on how I can find the source of this problem. Bug?