Revit Electrical Wire Type

While using Dynamo for scheduling wires within a project, we found out that there are 2 parameters named “Type” within Wire families in Revit (!). Am I missing something or do you think it is really this way?

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

As shown below, both fields are named as “Type” unfortunately.

Well, The Family is “Wire Types” while the Type is “N2XH”… This specific wire type then has a parameter called “Type” with the value “Chamfer”…

I don’t see the issue? :slight_smile:

Example using a column as I do not have any wire families loaded.

the above is a family type, the other is wire type

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Well, assume you want to change the family type for wires in dynamo using Element.SetParameterByName. You will need to give the node a Parameter Name. As usual I give it “Type”.

But as shown in image below, there are 2 parameters named Type for one wire:


Type controls the Arc/Chamfer parameter. If you wan’t to change the family type you can still use the Family and Type parameter.


Thank you Nick, Family and Type worked well.