Revit Dynamo Opening Recommendation


This is just a simple and minor recommendation for the Dynamo interface with Revit:

Currently, each time you open Dynamo for the first time after opening Revit, it asks you which version you would like to open, then it doesn’t ask you the next time you open Dynamo if you have the same Revit session open.

IMO it would make sense to have a dropdown like this:

where you select the Dynamo version once, and then it always opens that version when you click on the main icon. Should you want to change versions, click on the dropdown and select the other version.


There’s a similar idea over on the GitHub for DynamoRevit as Pull request. There is some interesting discussion on it as well.

Awesome, thanks @john_pierson.

Just beginning to familiarise myself with GitHub. Will refer to there for ideas and comments in the future.