Revit categories 2018 vs 2019

Hi all,

I’m writing a script for my office with data-shapes in which I access certain categories (wall, floors, roofs, etc…).

The script is designed for users with no Dynamo knowlege at all, thats why I use data-shapes.

I’ve written the script in Dynamo 2 with Revit 2018 and everything runs fine.
Now my office needs the same script running with Revit 2019, where the pre-selected categories suddenly return different categories as if the node saves an index rather than a category. (See images for reference)

Did anyone else encounter this behaviour?

I could just save a copy for 2019, but since some projects stay in older Revit versions I would rather not have to manage multiple versions of the same script, because it is constantly evolving.

Any suggestions are very welcome!




One solution would be to use a “Category By Name” and then type the desired categories in a string node or code block with quotation marks.


Hi Johannes,

such an obvious solution.:sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot!

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Haha you are welcome, sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest when working hard at something. =)

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Already done!

It´s a little off topic, but do you know by chance what to feed into the input of clockworks ViewSheetset.Views node?
It say “var…”.
I’m a little stuck trying to get the view/sheetsets…

Got it, It was in the archilab package…