Revit Attractor Trouble


So I am working on a project that involves an attractor. I am having trouble with two things honestly. I have tried multiple things but can not hit on a solution. The first problem I am running into is that I can not seem to make my attractor a solid form and visible in the Revit environment. I tried a few extrusion nodes but they didn’t seem to work well with what I have going on.

The second issue I am facing is that I cannot seem to find a node that will allow me to find the center point of the top surface of each of my attractor pieces and set a loaded family onto that point, thus setting an object on top of the attractor pieces.

I attached the cleanest and clearest image I could, I hope it helps.

The below image is what I am trying to achieve. Revit%20Attractor%20Capture

something like this? @ 34:40

Similar, however, my problem lays in attaching an object to the top of the extrusion in the attractor. For some reason I can not seem to find anything that will allow me to properly align my family.

This is what is happening instead of setting on top of the polygon, it will float above it. I just want it to sit on the top face of the polygon without having to select each individual top face. I have tried that and it would not recognize my selection as valid.