Attractor point with spherical/circular boundary


This is my first time with dynamo & revit geometry so I really need your help.
I am trying to create a 3d form that will have modular rectangular panels and with y-offset & x offset (offset from gound) and size that varies depending on the location of 4 attractor points…

But before I could do that, I need to understand how to let dynamo take out the panels that I dont want to be in my model because basically, my attractor point will have a sperical offset/ring that will take out the panels that is within its radius or if not fully inside, will calculate it such that if the volume inside is greater than50%, it will be taken out. Otherwise, it will remain.

To illustrate, in 2d, it will be like the image attached

My point will have an accompanying radius which can be adjusted and any panel that is within the boundary by >50% will be deleted…

Not sure if there is a simple way to express this, but I hope you get what I mean…

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Is that limit with the 50% important for your goal?

If not you could make distance from point to center of the cube and remove those that are greater than the radius.

Hi @M.Perez, that’s brilliant! I think that will work, too!

I will omit the offset parameters now since I will add family instance by point on the surfaces of my solid.

So is it possible to delete those with centerpoint greater than the sphere’s radius?

I changed my strategy. But thanks anyways!

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Sorry, I had no time to reply. I am happy that you founded another solution :wink:

Could you please share your graph?