Revit API: get document Title Blocks

Does anyone know how to get all the Title Block Id’s in a Revit document? I’m not looking to get any or all of the Title Blocks placed on sheet views, I am simply after the list of Title Block Id’s to be able to create new sheets. I can get the category using Python/Revit API but I cant get a list of Title Blocks loaded into the project.

Hi Thomas,

There is way to collect all the elements where element is element type. You can then filter by category to collect all title blocks in a revit document which are not placed.


Non-python way :slight_smile:

*These are non-placed family types


Custom node (All Family Types of Category) contains python though :smile::grinning:


LOL, good point. *not fully python :joy:

Thanks guys. So just to be clear, the python methods (whichever one is used :wink:) returns all Title Blocks Family Symbols loaded into the project? Or have I misunderstood, and will I only get the ones not in use (i.e. not placed on sheet view - not what I want).

All in project.

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You will get all loaded families in project.


Here is the non python way:


Good to know - it needs to be coded as the process is part of a larger function that requires recursion. Thanks for the responses