All loaded family in project

How we can see all loaded family (list of family names) in revit project (using python code probably) ?

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No need for python, that’s actually a rarity.
To simply get all families is rather difficult, by level is rather easy, worst case: Get several Levels nodes and join them in a list.

Element Types (set to Family) and All Elements of Type.


@Andreas_Dieckmann is right, this works just as well.

I actually never knew you could do that with Element Types, I always thought it was meant to find Family Types :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@PauLtus and @Andreas_Dieckmann this cool decision ! ):v:

Thanks you !

p.s my problem was solved , but if anybody show me how its do inside python - its will good too (but its not so important ) :slight_smile: )

Hi @til.shviger


it’s great !

its exactly what I wanted …


thank you for the elegant solution :rocket:

Any note is available for to get the list of all family in the document.

Start new thread. This post is already solved.