Revit API - Display Schedule Column Totals

Hey All,

Trying to automate schedule creation for different furniture items. I want to display count totals, but upon running the script (with no errors) the API method does not appear to have done anything. Am I looking at the correct property? Is there something I’m missing? Any help is appreciated.

I think you must set the DisplayType by using the ScheduleFieldDisplayType Enumeration.

_5.DisplayType = ScheduleFieldDisplayType.Totals

You can get hints in the code snippets, with highlighted links to the inputs, in the documentation of the DisplayType property.
There are also remarks and field values to it.

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Hey @Kibar,

That did it! Programming/coding is not in my background, so all my learning has been self guided. I find it hard to translate between different languages because I don’t have a great background in any of them :smiley:, but learning more every day - love this forum, thanks for the assist!

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