Revit and Dynamo file links


Hi All,

I was wondering how do you know/keep a Dynamo File linked to a Revit Project? What I mean by this question is I know in Dynamo when you press ‘Run’ to generate a model in Revit, if it already exists it won’t create an overlapping object. However, on occasion after I come back to a Dynamo/Revit project file that has been saved, and click ‘Run’ even though there is already the model generated in Revit by the Dynamo script, it will create another one that is overlapping the existing.


Its probably because object id is not a constant value and will change (possibly every time a model is synched). so effectively when Dynamo stores associations to model elements it probably uses IDs and those might just be different next time you open the model resulting in new elements getting created. Does that help? As a word of advice, try building a workflow that will use GUID to watch for elements. You can use archi-lab package to extract GUID of revit elements and then just store them for the future.