ElementID to all the object in Revit


I’m a newbie in Dynamo.

Is it posible to assign the ElementId to each object in the Model.

I will assign a shared parameter ElementId to all the objects before running the Dynamo script.

The aim is to nicely update scheduled data to Excell (to avoid overwrite of your own inserted lines of non Revit-elements).

Thanks in advance.


hi, every element in revit has an ID and a GUID.

you can access them from dynamo with i.e.


Id to Element



Elements to IDs

IDs to Elements

then you go and I/O with excel


Thanks for your quick reply.

It isn’t all clear for me up to now but this is due my lock of knowledge of Dynamo.

The good news is that it is possible.

I will give a try in the days to come.



I’ve just downloaded the latest version (0.8) and I’m interested to the same topic but I didn’t found any of them into the library

you will have to download packages like clockwork, … via the packagemanager



I’m trying to install it… but into the folder Dynamo 0.8 there isn’t the folder packages like other thread say…
where should I paset the folder?

solved… at the first time it didn’t run from dynamo

thanks and sorry :slight_smile: