Revit 2020 & Project base point in RVTlink instance

Hi everyone,
Since Revit 2020 (I am running in 2020.1 now), I cannot get hold of the project base point in the RVT link Instances or documents
The Genius Loci - Get project locations did a perfect job in previous versions of revit.

I could also collect the RVTLinks document and then fetch the elements of category Project base point and in those document then do query the parameters one by one.

But since 2020, they are nowhere to be seen for the project base point.

Any clue as of why? and how to get that info?

testlocationX.dyn (16.1 KB)

Hi Jean-Marc,

I updated the Get Project Locations node to use the new SharedPosition API property on Revit 2020.
The BuiltInParameters (N/S, E/W, Elev, Angle) don’t work on linked models on Revit 2020, so the “Angle to true north” can’t be found.

The Properties windows is empty with the linked Base Point on Revit 2020 :

Checking the available parameters on the linked base point :

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I like the reply and dislike the outcome :blush:
We should push it to the Revit dev team backyard! @Jeremy_Tammik :smiling_imp:

It seems like I looked too fast.
There is a property Angle with the ProjectPosition class.
So the node can be updated as follows :


Let me know when it will be available for a test ride!
Belle persévérance @Alban_de_Chasteigner !

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@Alban_de_Chasteigner is the Active Project Location the Internal Origin of Revit with coordinates measured from the Survey Point?