Revit 2017 plugin wont launch

Hello folks!

I cannot seem to be able to launch dynamo 1.0 in Revit 2017.

Have the file both in my User/Roaming and ProgrammData/RevitAddin directories; yet i get a message: Failed to initialize the add-in:Dynamo for Revit bacause the assembly@C:/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Auto…/DynamoRevit/1.0/Re…/DynamoRevitVersionSelector.dll does not exist…

Any clues?

THanks in advance for your brains!!!

Captain Obvious warning!!

[File dll is in my Roaming directory]

@i.tzivanidis Have you already tried to uninstall Dynamo completely (from the Control Panel) and performed a clean install?
If you haven’t, I’d suggest you do so.

Yes tried that already.

Would expect something is not read properly from the file structure i downloaded from the website… Tried sevveral things.

Do you know at least how to connect a script in Dynamo studio to a revit project to execute?