Revit 2015 - warnings sort to delete?

Aloha All,
I created a tool to delete duplicate instances last year using Dynamo 1.3.2 in Revit 2016 and it works perfect!
I tried to recreate it for Revit 2015 (Dynamo 0.9) and it doesn’t work. It doesnt appear to be pulling the data from the Error Report HTML.

List.FilterByBoolMask: Warning: List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed.
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source
List.GetItemAtIndex: Warning: List.GetItemAtIndex operation failed.

What do your errors say? You may have to take apart your ErrorReportSort node to see if it’s getting any errors.

If your referring to the yellow highlighted nodes in the image above, the errors are noted in the post.
As for the ErrorReportSort node its the same as the one in 2016 version. see image below for details.

Wow, sorry. My brain is still recovering from a long weekend.

Try pasting the python node directly into your graph and using that. There may be an issue with the script or one of the methods. I assume your test project does in fact have errors in it.

No worries, I’m feeling the same…

I pasted it into the graph see image


I was going to try to recreate the process using the script {ErrorReportSort} but I cant link the Boolean to the input node… suggestions?

this it a test project that does not have errors… but it pulls the errors from the HTML Revit exports, I have an example HTML added to the file path so it should list the errors based on the HTML

When you paste the contents of a custom node into a graph, you no longer need the “Input” and “Output” code blocks. Just connect the File Path and Boolean nodes to the IN[0] and IN[1] ports on the Python script

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Code Block:
Warning: ‘%tSSA_200_418c4f7966504b7390b6c2f5c2fb3404’ is over indexed
‘%tSSA_202_418c4f7966504b7390b6c2f5c2fb3404’ is over indexed
‘%tSSA_204_418c4f7966504b7390b6c2f5c2fb3404’ is over indexed
‘%tSSA_206_418c4f7966504b7390b6c2f5c2fb3404’ is over indexed

Other warnings are still the same…

If the report is from a different project it won’t be able to get the elements in the report. I’m not familiar with how the node works, but you might try setting fetch_elements to false.

What is the python node output? It seems like it’s not giving you the proper output lists.

show python script

I tried it and it’s giving me the same result. I just created an error, exported the HTML and changed the file path to it. still, same results I’m going to upload the file for ya.
This works for 2016 not for 2015… The only other difference is the dynamo year…

KAJ.List.GetEvenOdd.dyf (2.5 KB)

original* poor spelling…