Revision Cloud not looking right

Hi everyone.

I am trying to create revision clouds based on changes to the model. I am using data-shapes package’s Modification Tracker to extract the elements with changes, and create curves with offset, then create a revision cloud by the offsetted curves.

Managed to do it, however, some of the clouds are shown to be in a reversed direction. I tried to use Curve.Reverse but that only solved for some of the clouds and created the issue with existing ones.

I think this is a case of “if the curve sequence is clockwise reverse it, otherwise leave it as is.”

Assuming all object sets are rectangular, try adjusting the angle about the Z axis between the vector of C1 and C2 - if it’s less than 180 it’s the right direction, otherwise reverse the curves.

My direction might be off so you may need to reverse all the logic.

If it is confusing please share the graph here with a simple data set (rvt with a ay 5 walls, one view, and data set showing 3 walls changed) and I’ll try and have a look this weekend.

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In this case i prefered geometry translate with direction to create 2 offset line. Then create surface and get surface perimeter curve to create Revision cloud.

Hi Jacob, thank you for the fast response!!

I am trying to wrap my mind around what you shared. I think it does make sense to do that but I am not sure how it can be done. Will think about it further!!

In the meantime, here are the files I currently have. I have made a minor improvement to it by tranposing the curves before creating the Revision cloud.

RAC_For Current.rvt (3.7 MB) RAC_For Link.rvt (3.7 MB) Cloud Changes_for upload (2).dyn (54.2 KB)