Reverse "SectionView.ByCoordinate SystemMinPointMaxPoint"


I want to get the min and max coordinates and the view depth of a section view thus the reverse of this node.



Hmm… so here’s my go… Have a play and see if it works for you?

I don’t think you can extract a bounding box from a section (and anyway it would be axis aligned?)
I also don’t think you can extract the ‘location’ to get the coordinate system.

So my solution is a geometric one, to get (what I think you’re wanting) as outputs… I got the crop box and extruded it by the view depth, it seems to work even if the section has crop view unchecked.

Hope that’s of interest,


Edit: You’ll need the MEPover package

Thank you very much for this, i think i can go further with this…
By the way what do you mean with “I don’t think you can extract a bounding box from a section

I understand you about

But how can i collect the elements that go through the boundary of the section.


Hmmm… Well, how about running the element geometry through a Does Intersect Node?

Yes got it working, the Geometry.DoesIntersect node had i already found but i was checking it with a solid so all the elements i want to check are intersecting.
so i plug Solid.ThinShell after the Curve.ExtrudeAsSolid and feed this one into the Geometry.DoesIntersect @Mark.Ackerley thanks again.

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Nice idea, I’ll try and remember that one :slight_smile: