Get Geometry Cut by section in Viewport and split from all elements in view

Hi All,

I’ve been scratching my head as to how to do this.
But is there a way to get all the elements that are being cut by the Section so I can filter them out and only see the uncut geometry in the view?

I thought about getting only the geometries closest to the section view but I can’t find a function that would return the location of the section to get it.

I want to be able to automate the documentation process for these elements on each view.

Hello @shuzmm ,

You can try with intersection check, select the element if intersect with section.
then you can get the geometry of those selected elements.

Which intersect are you referring to? I don’t think I can see one which accepts the view as an input…

Hello @shuzmm ,

No No, i was just given you the idea about intersection of section view with elements.
Like this

In the active view, i have created an surface from section view and trying to find the intersect of surface / solid from the elements geometry.
In my case section is intersecting with 3 wall, 1 door and 1 window.
GeometryCutBySection.dyn (24.4 KB)

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Ah perfect that’s exactly what I was thinking but didn’t know about the View Cropbox node!!
Thanks so much!!

Also is it a custom node you’re using to display what the custom nodes in the definition is??

Hello @shuzmm ,

To add the note about the custom node package details, i know 2 packages, Monocle and Data Shape.
So after completing the script, you have option to add the note about all the packages used in the script.
for example in monocle you get this type of options.

Its easy for other person to know about the package used in the script.

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