Return nearest grid lines for equipment to export with schedule?

Hello everyone, first time Dynamo user. I’m working my way through tutorials, so far this visual programming thing looks pretty awesome. I’m fairly decent as using Excel and am excited to learning Dynamo.
What got me here is the need to develop an add-in that will allow me to export mechanical equipment schedules that includes the nearest grid lines (B-C, 3-4) that a mechanical equipment is next to. This building is over several million SF and having this tool would really help operations.
I’d like to use this on control devices as well.
Does someone have a recommendation on how to do this?

Hello Stephen,

Maybe you can use this script:

Hello Elinar, thanks for responding.
I will give that a try and see if it works.
All of my 19 years in this field and I’ve never had to get the grid lines for the equipment but this is such a large building that it makes sense.