Retrieving corresponding Schedule with schedulesheetinstance

Hello everyone,

Well, here is my question. I’m trying to sort my schedules placed on a sheet, but the only thing I can get is the list of the ScheduleSheetInstance ; so, how can you get the Id, or the name of the corresponding Schedules?

Hi @mickael.g see these posts here:

(the second link shows PanelScheduleSheetInstances but it will work the same with ScheduleSheetInstances)

Hi Amy,
Thanks for you answer (that was fast !). Well, your method only gives me the sheet taht contains my scheduleSheetInstance. All I need is the name of the Schedule, not the name of the sheet. I don’t know if it is possible…

Yes both posts go a step further to connect which schedule is in on which sheet but both involve getting the Schedule View element from the ScheduleSheetInstance

Here is a mark up of the image taken from the second post that you could follow:

You would then use GetParameterValueByName on the Schedule View elements to get the Schedule Views’ names. Element.TryGetPropertyValue and Element.ById are from the package Wombat.


You can use the node Get ScheduleView from the package Genius Loci.

I alredy tried it, but I have no properties in the output of the node. Here is an image of my program:

do you have any idea about the error? Did I miss something?

Thanks a lot Alban ! This works perfectly!

You had input “ScheduleID” - the property name is “ScheduleId” (just a capitalization error)