Best method for retrieving sheet number from schedule?

Hi, hope this is a quickie,
I’d like to collect the sheet number a schedule view is living on.
Each view has a property “sheet number” but Revit does not seem to be assigning a value to this.
I tried the GetSheetElementFromView node but this doesn’t seem to produce useful results. Am I missing something easy?

Element.OwnerView from Clockwork.

Thank you, but I do not think this works in my case. This seems to give the view from an element. I have the view, looking for sheet. Something like view.ownersheet?

Sheets are Views. Element.OwnerView will return the sheet a schedule is placed on.

Thanks Nick, but it doesn’t work for me.
Here is a screen shot. In this case, using my two note schedules as input none of the methods works to extract the sheet number.

If I change the input to another type of view (plan view) then the properties sheet number comes through (top watch), and Get Sheet Ellements works also, but this node you are referring me to still doesn’t work.

I don’t understand why I can make at least two methods work with plan view but not with a schedule.

Element.OwnerView would work with a ScheduleSheetInstance, not a Schedule View, since the schedule view itself is not technically the element on the sheet.

You would have to

  1. Collect All Elements of Type > Schedule Sheet Instances
  2. Get ScheduleId property with Python (or Element.TryGetPropertyValue from Wombat Dynamo)
  3. Get Schedule Element by ID from the ScheduleId property to filter schedule sheet instances by the schedule view you want
  4. Get Owner View from filtered schedule sheet instances

Thanks. I think am I following.
is there any documentation about ScheduleSheetInstance? It took me a couple of tries to get the exact name of the scheduleid parameter.

appreciate the hand hold.

@MuirEng The properties can be found in the API docs

Another option to see what attributes an element has is to use the node Object.Members from Clockwork

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excellent, thanks very much!