List of Schedules

I want to get a list of the all the schedules in my model. However there is no way to schedule schedules.
Are there packages or modules for Dynamo that can export a list of the schedules in a model?

It would be something like then export that.
That kind of process doesn’t seem to be available.

Is there a way to identify the element ID of the schedule in the model to get their names?

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hi @thakopian
you can use these nodes from archi lab package

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That’s a good start.

I tried it and got a list but not the names just element IDs:

Is there a way to translate the element IDs into names of the schedules?

I would like to get a list like in the Schedule/Quantities in the Project Browser.

you can get “View Name” Parameter


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I see in your example the ScheduleView type has a name already.
My version just lists the ViewSchedule and the element ID. Is that fundamentally different?

When I use the Element.GetParameterValueByName there is no result.

Is the View Type reporting the same information between these examples?

You need to enable the preview of the Element.GetParameterValueByName, or wire in a watch node.

I recommend you run though the Dynamo Primer to avoid significant headaches. Don’t skip any exercise no matter how irrelevant or trivial it may seem.

Thanks for the heads up. It’s getting late.

I got a list now.


I have a lot of elements appearing as “Revision Schedule”
Would it make sense to use a List.FilterbyBoolMask module with a code block “Revision Schedule” to remove those values?


That’s how I would do it.

You can also use the Springs.Sheet.Views+ node which is in the Springs package instead. Conveniently it has the filter already built in.