Retrieve List of null value


Again stuck on so simple problem , but i can’t figure it out.
I can find a lot of information about filtering out null value’s from a list, but i want it the other way round.
I need all the elements with the null value in a new list and then delete them from the model.
In the graph below i already made a list of all the Pipes and there system names.
Any advice would be nice.


I tried that, and it gives me an empty list.

Sorry thought it was the same principal. But still not what i need
Home.dyn (10.4 KB)

Problems opening te file.
Still thanks alot for your time

Ok great,
Pissed at myself i did not realise my mistake.
(upgrade is not that easy, we don’t have install-rights at the company)
Thanks alot.

Yes offcourse

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