Filter the list from nulls

Hello I am trying to filter a list of nulls, keeping those that are not null, but the result with the node “filterby boolean mask” is not the desired one, since it gives me sublists, because the mask is organized that way

Try using a List.AnyTrue node after the IsNull and make sure your lacing is correct. That should get your initial list and the True/False back to matching lists.

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Not sure I understand properly the goal. But using list.clean with the bool input at false will remove nulls


the nulls appear when I try to get the faces of the beams from the first list, and then those nulls give me trouble during the script routine, therefore I want to leave the list without those troublesome beams

Hi alebim2!
Is using list.clean as Jean Marc suggested or replace.null not what you are looking for?

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You want to use @SeanP’s method of checking to make sure all surfaces exist first.

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