Removing items from a list if some parameters are empty

Title says it all :slight_smile:

I want to make sure that my list only contains elements that have all the parameters filed. I looked into the List.Clean and attached a boolean true/False to the preserveindices. The output i get is the same as the list. It doesnt seem to filter out the element that doesnt have the value filled.



ok, here’s what i came up with

If true = value and false=null. Then pass that into LunchBox Remove Null Values and im left with only the sheets that have values.


Problem is that if i connect that last list to an Element.GetParameterValuesB yName it fails.
Here’s a download link to my test if anyone has time

Not a solution, but the cause of your problem is probably indicated in the values of the String.CountOccurences node. You should be able to use this to filter your results.

Index [0] doesn’t seem to be, either, empty or null.

I’m not sure if there is there a way to check for an empty string.