[Request for Feedback] Set Camera Views

Hello Dynamo people,

We have been hard at work on the Dynamo Team working on upgrading the Helix Toolkit (Our graphical pipeline that allows for the background preview, shaders and geometry colours… among other things!). If you’re curious have a deeper read on it in our most recent Dynamo Public Roadmap.

As part of this work we want to expose the ability to set your camera angles to enable better and more consistent presentation graphics!

We are looking for feedback on the following options:

  • Option 1: Icons running across the top ribbon - graphical - text on hover.
  • Option 2: Singular icon in Canvas in our ‘View section’ - Dropdown either in text, graphic or both.
  • Option 3: Views dropdown in top ribbon - textual.
  • Option 4: Icons running vertically downwards in Canvas in our ‘View Section’ - text on hover.

Please let us know your thoughts! Preferences, alternatives, bits you love, things you’re not a fan of… we welcome it all :slight_smile:


Option 4


Remove all the icons, and add a view cube. This could have right click options and fly out menus like in Revit, so that you can expand functionality.

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not my personal favourite, but a viewcube is at least consistent with other applications/more obvious for beginners

  • Any chance of a ‘zoom to selected elements’ ?
  • Otherwise- the standard zoom seems to be centred on the screen- would be good if it could be centred on a selected element

thanks team Dynamo

I think we have this already, but it’s picky. Lemme do some digging tomorrow. :slight_smile:

@john_pierson, me too :grinning:

option 2
It is not a tool I need often or want to see to evidently all the time. the UI is clean enough right now, I would not want it much more cluttered than option 2, please.

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My preference " Option 4" also does not need much confusion “Zoom in/out, Pan and view cube” I believe it will be enough.


Option 4 for me. Leaves room for other developers to add more goodies

I would also like the viewcube the most as it would keep everything simple and in the same way like it is in Revit / C3D / ACAD.
If thats not possible Option 4 would be fine too :slight_smile:
Happy to see that this feature is coming!
Thanks Dynamo Team