Axonometric Views

I am attempting to use the “AxonometricView.ByEyepointTargetAndElement” node and I got it working, and I get the camera to the right place where I want it to be, but the camera is not displaying correctly, it’s not displaying where the camera is actually located it’s like it is placing the camera on top of the model. Thanks in advance.

Cameral Location

Camera Display

Can you show your Dynamo function?


Where are you wanting your camera to look? EyePoint is your camera location and Target is where you want it looking. Right now you have it just above your (floor?) element and looking straight down.

Right, that is where I would like it to look, but when you go to the actual camera it’s above the roof looking down and not where the camera is located, also thank you for the quick responses.
First Floor Plan (the curtain wall drawn only goes up to the second floor)

Here is the camera view, it’s showing the top of the roof.

Also here is the target and eye elevations. (We model 100’ above 0)

As well as an elevation of the levels.

I’m at a loss. I can set my camera at the midpoint or set it 100’ below my midpoint and my view looks the same.
I did notice a difference between Camera Positions. If I place a camera manually it shows Explicit and won’t seem to go to vertical, whereas Dynamo shows up Adjusting and will.

Manually placed camera:

With Dynamo:

Sorry I’m not much help.

No worries, I appreciate it. I wonder if that parameter is manipulatable with Dynamo.