REQUEST: Big UX upgrade for editing Custom Nodes


One thing would greatly help the UX of editing Custom Nodes, and it’s something you can see “prototyped” (i.e., implemented) in Grasshopper – when you edit a custom node from a definition, it should pass the input data into that Custom Node while you’re editing it. Without real data flowing through the wires, it is very hard to debug, and it’s non-trivial to create the necessary data types from within the custom node definition. The solution is ugly… copy-pasting the contents into the base definition, connecting up wires, editing, copy-pasting back to the custom node, rewiring inputs + outputs.

Perhaps I’m missing something, is there a better way?




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Marc, I think you’re absolutely right. What you’re describing was possible in Dynamo 0.6.3 and I really hope it’s going to make a comeback at some point. Especially for custom nodes that have a lot of input or outputs it means a lot of unnecessary work and “non-trivial” seems like a euphemism.

Is this issue solved at all? Would be great if anyone knows a better way to work around this data flow problem.

Just found that watch node works in custom nodes.
So that’s it. Only the data drop down doesn’t work.