Online .dyn file repository

Hi Everyone! I’m wondering if there is a space online where individuals can download already created dynamo files (.dyn) so they can easily run them using the Dynamo Player in Civil 3D.

I know everyone is different, and some individuals like to create their own from scratch - fair enough. There are, however, people out there looking to just run the files (similar to the way we do with LISP routines) to accomplish a specific task.

I have a handful of these files that I would not mind sharing with the community!

take a look here:

Where you see the button All categories, select share


Awesome! Not much in the way of Civil 3D - time to start sharing! Thanks Marcel!

this sounds like a good use case for the package manager- you could turn the .dyn into a custom node (.dyf) and publish it there as a package.

I wish this had taken off some more,


While I agree that publishing as a package is a good idea for CUSTOM nodes, I’m talking about pre-made Dynamo script repository for people to utilize the Dynamo player without ever having to open Dynamo interface.

Many of our users (like it or not) don’t want to be bothered with opening Dynamo, they want to use the script similar to the way they have used lisp routines.

@John_Pierson - this looks promising. Although at first glance a bit confusing. I’ll dive in a bit more, thanks for the info!