Reporting if a parameter is installed or not

Hi all

I want to be able to take a list of parameters and check if it is installed within a family. So that is not if it is complete or what it’s value is, but simply if the there is parameter with the corresponding name within the family.

Is something like that possible? I’ve been looking for a way for a little while, I have been thinking, if I can get a list of parameters that are installed, then I can compare it against the original list to get a list of not present parameters, but can’t figure out how to do this.

Any help, even partial help would be appreciated.

Thanks John, I found that a little while after I posted this actually but I can’t get it to work, despite trying multiple lacing options

Even when I put in a parameter name that I know I have, it returns everything as false. Any ideas?

Revit and Dynamo version?

Revit 2016


This should do it.

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Interesting. When I try it with the below it works. Care to share your full DYN?


Thanks John, your method worked perfectly.

Tom, yes, colleagues got it working with the same method I did as well. Unfortunately no matter what I tried it wouldn’t work for me. It’s probably a local installation glitch or something. Sadly I can’t post the DYN for company privacy reasons. Thank you for your help!

I have noticed that nodes can sometimes become glitched. When I feel they should work but do not deleting them and grabbing a new one works. Not sure if you tried or not but for future use.