Replace items in lists

Hello there! My question seems simple but for now I haven’t found a solution. I jus need to replace some exact items in list of lists with some other items. How do I do that? List.Replace seems has no use here

your input list has strings
search for has numbers
use this to convert

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Ooops, right, that was my inadvertence :grinning:

And one more thing: String.Replace from standart revit packadge didn’t work correctly here for some reason. The same String.Replace node from Orchid packadge worked perfect, pretty weird :thinking:
And also if you have 2 figure numbers like 11, 23 and so on you should use String.Replace Multiple from Clockwork for it allows to replace longer search terms first.

@mironov.boris You will experience in many cases that my nodes work differently than many other nodes including the OOTB nodes. Whenever I find something I think should work differently, I simply code my own version of it, and this happens in many cases. If you find something which you think should be different then please contact me at Github…