Replace Item at index issue with same value

Hi All,

I am trying to replace some value in my list and because they are repeated I can not replace them with index of. Do you have another idea?

List.repcaleitematindex+ = Clock work package

@amirjalaliafshar Not sure why (since you didn’t share the whole graph) you would need the indices.
You can just use the String.Replace node as shown in Group 1.
Or do something like Group 2 if you must use indices.


You are the best!

the reasin why I did not use string.sontains it because sometimes the name is dcwsr and it replace this one as well, but the 2nd one was the smart one. Thanks

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@amirjalaliafshar Glad that it worked out for you.
You can also do something like this to eliminate the dependency on Clockwork.