Replace IFC structural framing type with Revit vanilla Structural Framing Type?

I have an IFC file (from Tekla possibly) that’s been opened in Revit. There are members such as CHS and RHS that belong to the “Structural Framing” Category. However they are system families and I can not select an IFC Framing member and replace it with a Framing member from a OTB Revit structural Framing family. Is it possible to script this in Dynamo? I have found an add-in that will replace IFC families with OTB families, however it does not cover Structural framing category, it’s more generic objects, speciality equipment, furniture etc. floor hosted. Preferably it would need some method of selecting multiple instances by IFC name or description and replacing with members using a Revit type name.
The reason for all this is reverse engineering, we need to create an analysis model of the structural frame and the IFC families do not contain an analytical line either.

Many Thanks for any help you may able to give.