Creating Family Types with the Same Name but in Different Families


I am working to create new family types for structural columns and beams within Revit. Our company develops similar software to Revit but data has to be exported as IFC in order to be compatible within Revit. We are looking for a way to access IFC geometry within Revit while also being able to change parameters, which is easier said than done with IFC. So far the best solution I have found is to link IFC into Revit rather than importing it because Imported IFC is hard to edit and parameter descriptions are hard to follow. As such, we are using the geometry from the linked IFC to recreate the structural elements in Native Revit Geometry and then deleting the link afterwards. In order for this to succeed we need to correctly create the new family types. My workflow runs into trouble when trying to create Family Types with the same name (One within a Family for Structural Framing and the other within a Family of Structural Columns). Previously I found the cross section size parameter from the IFC link and used that to name the new families but as you can see in the attached files below there is both a beam and a column that have dimensions of 30x30. When the program is run the beams are named correctly and all of the columns are as well minus the 30x30 which is instead classified as a beam. Is there any way to solve this issue? We cannot proceed with element creation if the family types are not successfully created. My other question is how I can change the parameters of multiple types all at once because I am currently running the program separately each time to change their parameters (not sure if I need to post another topic for this). I have attached a screen grab in addition to the Dynamo file. The IFC file could not be uploaded into the forum but it can be downloaded at this link:

Creating New Family Types with the Same Name in Different Families.dyn (36.5 KB)

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Any updates on this workflow?

Any updates to this workflow? I want the same thing, only to include foundations and slabs as well.