Replace "ALT+Enter" in Room Names On Export to Excel

I’m having a little problem replacing the “ALT+Enter” character in a room name.

We have a few room names which use “ALT+Enter” to break the name on to the next line of text, some room names are to long for the room tag to fit the room and thats how we got around this.

Now that I’m exporting some data to excel it pickup the “ALT+Enter” and creates a multi line text in that cell, to get around this I thought I would use the String.Replace node but it’s not recognising the characters correctly.

The first codeblock has the characters copy/pasted from a room name with the letters replaced

Iitem 154 in the below example did not changing as expected, anyone any idea how to get around this short of renaming affected rooms?

Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus, that did the trick. I didn’t think to search for Multi Line Text!

One difference from the link above if anyone comes across this thread, I had nulls in my lists which needed to be replaced